Are there any drugs which can make you smarter?

If you have already experienced (and you probably have) the torpor of your brain when it does not want to “cooperate” with you as much as you would like it to (and this is exactly when you need your brain to work very hard), you would probably really appreciate the help of a good cognitive enhancer.

You can try using something cheap and available. For example: Sport. It can improve your mood, help you relax your mind, give you more energy and make your brain more efficient. Apart from doing some sports you could take care of sleeping well at night. Being well-rested is a huge part of success. And finally, there is coffee which, as we know, is a very common “awakener”. Unfortunately, these are not always helpful enough. And you start dreaming about a magic pill which would finally make your brain work better and faster.

Are there any “magic pills”?

Adderall and Ritalin are often used as cognitive enhancers by students or intellectual workers, but these are not proved to really make our brain work better. There is yet another substance which has been recently shown as a cognitive enhancer that improves attention, memory and learning – Modafinil.

It has no serious side effects and probably does not cause dependency. Studies have shown that among rather rare side effects caused by Modafinil we can find: insomnia, headache, stomach ache, nausea or dry mouth. However, it has not been found yet whether the regular use of the substance is safe.

Modafinil from its beginnings is used as a treatment for narcolepsy so as to keep patients awake. When it comes to cognition, nobody can exactly tell how it works to enhance our brain’s ability.

The problem is that your doctor will not prescribe Modafinil for you as a cognitive enhancer. If you want to have it prescribed, you must suffer from narcolepsy. When you buy modafinil online use only reputable providers. The American Medical Association is still “discouraging the nonmedical use of prescription drugs for cognitive enhancement in healthy individuals.”

Why can’t we use it as a cognitive enhancer?

There are many doubts in the topic. First of all, what could happen if the drug was available for everyone? It could become a necessity. Do we want to be forced to take drugs to be found hard-working enough? “My workmates take them, so should I. I can’t be worse.” In some professions the effective work of brain is especially important (pilots, surgeons) and it could become their obligation to take cognitive enhancers to perform well at work. Would it be still considered safe to fly with a pilot who did not take the drug?

Our world is already unequal enough. We do not need to create more and more inequalities. Rich people can afford more, that is obvious. In this way, there could be created a group of “better” more efficient wealthy people who simply can afford the drugs. And how about the group of those who couldn’t afford cognitive enhancers?

Nevertheless, such substances are already used and it is not unlikely that they will become available for everyone soon. Therefore, special regulations and laws are needed to make people use them right.