Being a nurse is a mission with a vision

Our work is always something more than making money, at least it should, not only for other people, but also for our own good. Feeling satisfied with what we do every day and with something to which we devote a huge part of our lives, is a core of our happiness and fulfillment. We often say that we feel burnt out or we no longer feel the sense of what we are doing.

If it is a temporary situation, a short break and slowing down a bit should help. But what if this state persists for much too long? You need a good refreshment and redefining your career mission and vision. Unfortunately, nurses cannot do their job just for the salary, it will not work well in this way. You have lost your nursing spirit? We suggest writing a nursing mission and vision statement which will help you organize your career once again.

Questions about your mission

There must have been a reason why you chose this certain occupation. It is not an easy job, in fact, it is very difficult. It is possible that your choice was not induced by good motivators and you do not feel the right person in the right position. In such a case, your career will demand big changes. But if you have become a nurse, because you wanted to help ill people, children, the elderly etc., you should become fully aware of you as a nurse, in order to work with a smile instead of being frustrated and unhappy.

To start with, answer these questions and think it over to identify your mission:

  1. What had the biggest influence on my decision about becoming a nurse?
  2. Did I have a specific goal to achieve by becoming a nurse?
  3. What values are the most important for me in my work?
  4. What are my motivations?

Identifying your mission is generally about realizing why you are a nurse and how this tones in with you and your personality.

What is your vision?

Your nursing vision shows what your goals connected with your job are. If you do not know what you expect, you cannot achieve your aims.

Answer these questions:

  1. Where are you now and where would you like to be in the future?
  2. What are your aspirations, ideals?

Is it really so important?

Of course, you may feel that your job is just a set of professional duties which you are supposed to fulfill to provide your family with necessary money. You may also sometimes be just too tired to think about values and aspirations. Having a good night sleep can be sometimes your biggest dream. It is a difficult and exhausting service, there are no doubts about it. However, seeing nursing as a mission with a certain vision still is really worthwhile – feeling satisfied with our work is the reward. Finding deeper meaning in our activities make them less tiring and monotonous.