Are there any drugs which can make you smarter?

If you have already experienced (and you probably have) the torpor of your brain when it does not want to “cooperate” with you as much as you would like it to (and this is exactly when you need your brain to work very hard), you would probably really appreciate the help of a good cognitive enhancer.

You can try using something cheap and available. For example: Sport. It can improve your mood, help you relax your mind, give you more energy and make your brain more efficient. Apart from doing some sports you could take care of sleeping well at night. Being well-rested is a huge part of success. And finally, there is coffee which, as we know, is a very common “awakener”. Unfortunately, these are not always helpful enough. And you start dreaming about a magic pill which would finally make your brain work better and faster.

Are there any “magic pills”?

Adderall and Ritalin are often used as cognitive enhancers by students or intellectual workers, but these are not proved to really make our brain work better. There is yet another substance which has been recently shown as a cognitive enhancer that improves attention, memory and learning – Modafinil.

It has no serious side effects and probably does not cause dependency. Studies have shown that among rather rare side effects caused by Modafinil we can find: insomnia, headache, stomach ache, nausea or dry mouth. However, it has not been found yet whether the regular use of the substance is safe.

Modafinil from its beginnings is used as a treatment for narcolepsy so as to keep patients awake. When it comes to cognition, nobody can exactly tell how it works to enhance our brain’s ability.

The problem is that your doctor will not prescribe Modafinil for you as a cognitive enhancer. If you want to have it prescribed, you must suffer from narcolepsy. When you buy modafinil online use only reputable providers. The American Medical Association is still “discouraging the nonmedical use of prescription drugs for cognitive enhancement in healthy individuals.”

Why can’t we use it as a cognitive enhancer?

There are many doubts in the topic. First of all, what could happen if the drug was available for everyone? It could become a necessity. Do we want to be forced to take drugs to be found hard-working enough? “My workmates take them, so should I. I can’t be worse.” In some professions the effective work of brain is especially important (pilots, surgeons) and it could become their obligation to take cognitive enhancers to perform well at work. Would it be still considered safe to fly with a pilot who did not take the drug?

Our world is already unequal enough. We do not need to create more and more inequalities. Rich people can afford more, that is obvious. In this way, there could be created a group of “better” more efficient wealthy people who simply can afford the drugs. And how about the group of those who couldn’t afford cognitive enhancers?

Nevertheless, such substances are already used and it is not unlikely that they will become available for everyone soon. Therefore, special regulations and laws are needed to make people use them right.




Being a nurse is a mission with a vision

Our work is always something more than making money, at least it should, not only for other people, but also for our own good. Feeling satisfied with what we do every day and with something to which we devote a huge part of our lives, is a core of our happiness and fulfillment. We often say that we feel burnt out or we no longer feel the sense of what we are doing.

If it is a temporary situation, a short break and slowing down a bit should help. But what if this state persists for much too long? You need a good refreshment and redefining your career mission and vision. Unfortunately, nurses cannot do their job just for the salary, it will not work well in this way. You have lost your nursing spirit? We suggest writing a nursing mission and vision statement which will help you organize your career once again.

Questions about your mission

There must have been a reason why you chose this certain occupation. It is not an easy job, in fact, it is very difficult. It is possible that your choice was not induced by good motivators and you do not feel the right person in the right position. In such a case, your career will demand big changes. But if you have become a nurse, because you wanted to help ill people, children, the elderly etc., you should become fully aware of you as a nurse, in order to work with a smile instead of being frustrated and unhappy.

To start with, answer these questions and think it over to identify your mission:

  1. What had the biggest influence on my decision about becoming a nurse?
  2. Did I have a specific goal to achieve by becoming a nurse?
  3. What values are the most important for me in my work?
  4. What are my motivations?

Identifying your mission is generally about realizing why you are a nurse and how this tones in with you and your personality.

What is your vision?

Your nursing vision shows what your goals connected with your job are. If you do not know what you expect, you cannot achieve your aims.

Answer these questions:

  1. Where are you now and where would you like to be in the future?
  2. What are your aspirations, ideals?

Is it really so important?

Of course, you may feel that your job is just a set of professional duties which you are supposed to fulfill to provide your family with necessary money. You may also sometimes be just too tired to think about values and aspirations. Having a good night sleep can be sometimes your biggest dream. It is a difficult and exhausting service, there are no doubts about it. However, seeing nursing as a mission with a certain vision still is really worthwhile – feeling satisfied with our work is the reward. Finding deeper meaning in our activities make them less tiring and monotonous.

What are qualities of a good nurse?

Nurses do have a difficult job – that is obvious. They are constantly with people, and mostly with people suffering, often both mentally and physically. Being a nurse is something more than distribution of medicines and giving injections, she must often become a psychologist, mother or friend for patients. On the other hand, probably most of us have once met a nurse who seemed to be the wrong person in the wrong place.

Here is a list of a good nurse’s qualities.

1. Empathy: Taking care of people in pain, suffering from various diseases demands loads of empathy and compassion. People in such condition are weak both physically and mentally. Nurses’ task is to make patients as much comfortable as it is possible and change their hospital visit into at least a bit more pleasant experience. Nevertheless, we all have worse days. Nurses are normal people we need to understand that they can be just tired.

2. Good communication: Ability to communicate with patients and their families is indispensable in this job. A nurse should be a good listener and speaker. Her very important role is to be a patients’ advocate who knows their needs and demands. Nurses are the soul of a hospital, they are its more pleasant and nice side for suffering patients.

3. Good tolerance for stress: Looking at people dying, suffering, crying can be very upsetting. Working as a nurse one must be prepared for various surprises and unexpected scenarios. It is a source of a great amount of stress. If a nurse cannot cope with this difficult reality, she will find it too depressing and exhausting, also mentally. Luckily, there are many happy moments as well. These are rewards for more difficult events.

4. Physical strength: Nurses’ job demands really good health. It is very important for a nurse to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is not a job in which you can sit or drink coffee whenever you want. Nurses must be on the alert throughout their whole shift. It just involves lots of walking, standing, lifting and multitasking.

5. Ability to solve problems quickly: There are situations in hospitals when you have no time to think anything over, you must just think quickly and act. Problem solving is yet another difficult task which waits for nurses every day.

6. Noticing details: Even a small detail can decide about a patient’s life or death. Nurses cannot be inattentive, they must avoid mistakes at all cost. It is a huge responsibility.

7. Being flexible: The truth is that being a nurse will not allow you to plan many things in advance. Working hours are fluctuating, often changing and nurses often work long hours, at nights, during Christmas or other holidays. Anyone who is thinking of being a nurse must take it into consideration and be prepared for such disorganized personal life.

8. Respecting others: It concerns respecting rules of a hospital and other people, diversity of cultures and habits. In her job a nurse must realize that patient comes first. We all must respect the others if we want to be respected.

Healthcare – one of the biggest American problem?

The fact that there is a problem with healthcare in the U.S. is obvious. We know it and probably most of us have experienced this on our own example (receiving a bill with $5.000 for a few stitches can be quite shocking). Unfortunately, nobody seems to have an idea how it can be repaired. First of all, it would be reasonable to have the awareness of what exactly wrong with our healthcare system is. Therefore, we point out some reasons of the disaster to draw a clear picture of the problem.

  1. The insured pay for the uninsured. The Affordable Care Act was aimed at helping people who cannot afford health insurance – somewhat unpredictable in costs hence unaffordable for many. Is this a fair solution? Some people pay more so that the others could receive treatment. It is inhuman to refuse somebody in need a necessary help – so be it, but it still costs and often quite a lot. Someone just must pay for it. Immigrants are also prone to many diseases and accidents happen to everyone – yet should we refuse to help in such cases? Of course not, in fact such treatment is totally legal in our country.
  2. Has anyone checked whether the certain medical help was really effective in the long run? Surgeries take place and later nobody cares how it actually continues in the long term. The effectiveness of treatment is not tracked so how can we be sure it really helped? Also medical errors are not tracked while these can be even the third largest causes of deaths in the U.S. It definitely would be a good idea to start checking the quality of the treatment from the patient’s point of view and keeping records seriously.
  3. Long queues are a result of an insufficient number of doctors. Waiting time to receive medical help is much longer than it should be. The number of new doctors is systematically decreasing. It has already become a serious problem in rural areas. The doctors we already have are just old which does not improve the situation. But why is this shortage of young doctors happening to us? Our federal law does not allow to train the sufficient number of them in hospitals. Everything because there is no more money for such purposes – there are different ones. In fact, there is yet another dark aspect of the situation – the long queues cost us all even more when we look from the perspective of lost hours spent in the waiting room instead of being at work.
  4. There is no control of drug prices. Drug industry has a habit of buying competitors to get rid of competition. It is dangerous because competition is needed for regulating and keeping reasonable prices. No competition? Prices can freely glide up and up accordingly to the company’s wish. There is probably no need to explain the effect it has on the patients.
  5. A small paper cup worth two cents costs $12 in your nurse’s hand. Everything you can find at a hospital miraculously gains so, so much value! That is not fair that we all must pay more for treatment because hospitals are just businesses and they extremely care about their financial condition. Hospitals know that most of us cannot afford lots of things, but there is a problem of consolidation which eliminates competition and we do not really have much more options. Besides, the prices cannot be lowered just in case there comes an extraordinarily wealthy patient who will cover no matter how high the cost and will “endow” the hospital’s funds.

It is high time we repaired the sick healthcare system in our country. Unless we like travelling and we do not have a problem with going abroad to receive the right affordable treatment. Let’s not lose hope that the situation finally changes for better and “healthcare travelling” does not have to become our hobby.